Live Webinar: Biophysical Acting: How to become an Actor before Acting

Live Webinar 13&14 March 2021

Biophysical Acting: How to become an Actor before Acting

Facilitated by Dr. Kiki Selioni

Hosted by MCF

This live streaming webinars is part of a series of workshops from international practitioners who present their practices during a weekend under the auspice of The Makings of the Actor.

The post doc researcher Dr. Selioni starts this new activity and presents practically how Laban’s analysis of human movement is inextricably linked to Aristotle’s concept of mimesis as a zώον (life force). The research/practice, adopts an Aristotelian perspective and proposes that knowledge, which is the main issue in both episteme (science) and art, is gained through training, and that training requires a conscious and rational approach that ends to the formulation of acting technique.  

Laban (1950) stated that ‘the elements of movement when arranged in sequences constitute rhythms’ (Laban 1950: 130) and from this developed Eukinetics that is the study of dynamics of movement and rhythm. What Laban calls effort is the visible movements of the human body, which are the result of its inner attitude. This research/practice can be seen as a practical explication of the manner in which the Aristotelianζώον moves in mimesis, thereby contributing to Aristotle’s ontological and poetic theory by developing a practical training for the actor in the kinesthetic experience of ζώον.

This research/practice suggests that the British Acting School stems from Aristotle Poetics and tries to provide acting  technique of it using as tool Laban’s method. The crucial suggestion is that for the British school, like Aristotle and Laban, the role is ‘dramatic rhythm’ that is created by the ‘actor’s neural-muscular configuration’, that is a Biophysical activity and not as psychophysical hypostasis. The later implies not an artistic dexterity gained through a specific training but a personality in real life. But the most important issue is that it opens the boundaries of the actor’s kinesthetic awareness to the main goal of acting; the transformation of the actor’s body for executing different roles.  

The practice will provide a technique as a methodology and not simply a method that stands in the boundaries of personal experiences in teaching acting.

The strictly practical workshop is addressed to actors, directors, actor teachers and coaches, filmmakers, dramaturges, theatre practitioners, performers. 

The 10hours practical workshops will work on the  principles of the methodology  that concerns the actors’ kinesthesia  and at the same time it will be construct samples of monologues, scenes from classical and contemporary repertoire (on stage and on screen), fight scenes, devised theatre and musical theatre.

13&14 March 2021: 14.00-17.00 Athens Time Zone


Up to 10 persons on stage

Up to 10 persons online

Fees: 200 €


No limit  

Fees 100 €

*all the fees include Dr. Selioni’s book Laban-Aristotle: Zώον (Zoon)in Τheatre Πράξις (Praxis)Towards to a methodology for the Actors and in Acting 

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Dr Kiki Selioni is a movement teacher and acting coach in various Drama Schools and Institutions internationally. She has completed her studies in Dance Theatre at the Laban in London (BA and MA, City University. She holds a doctorate in Movement Training for Actors and in Acting (RCSSD). She is currently Affiliate Research Fellow at RCSSD in a post-doc research project (The British Acting School: Biophysical Acting) regarding a complete acting method based on Laban’s work and Aristotle’s theory. She is Artistic Director of the artistic platform and network The Makings of the Actor.